Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Carpathia Blog is back!

That's right. A new face, a new name - Carpathian Cloud - and a fresh motivation. I want this blog to have all of my daily discoveries (both social and techincal). But I mean to make some posts with some thoughts, some pictures I find interesting or relevant, and other stuff I may consider usefull to some viewer. I also have some new tools, and a ongoing idea to help me with my blog posting: Hello and Picasa are great to post images. JustBlogIt! is a Firefox extension that allows me to post something from any page, adding the link and title automatically. I also intend to make (or find, eheh) a mean to do the same from within Emacs. It would be great - and not that hard, I believe - more to come about this... Hope this can be of some use to someone. Cheers!