Friday, November 25, 2005

Morfik - the Javascript synthetizer

I've recently found an interesting, promising work, another framework for Web Applications development. So what's different in this one?

Taking Morfik's CTO's words, ?Morfik has developed a unique JavaScript Synthesis Technology (?JST?) that allows developers to use a powerful integrated design environment together with a high-level language of their choice to create reliable applications comprised purely of HTML and JavaScript?.

Since the framework isn't open-source (so far, at least) all we can checkout is the two Flash demos on using the program to develop basic applications, and a few white papers and communications they release to the public. From these, I'm able to comment on both their mission and the program itself.

Morfik's main goal is to take jobs away for "rocket-scientists" who want to develop software for well-paying companies. So far, the so-called AJAX applications have been hard to implement, given both client and server's side complexity. Morfik allows these applications to be coded in a familiar language (one of several clones of popular languages like Pascal, Basic or C#), just like a common desktop application. This code will be trans-compiled into a server side application and a set of HTML and JavaScript files to be loaded in the client's browser. Hence, no web application or AJAX knowledge would be necessary.

From the demonstrations, I've spotted that the greatest feature of Morfik it's its familiarity with common Microsoft applications to develop the application. For example, a specific Morfik component is used to setup the domain tier, using an interface almost 100% identical to Microsoft Access'. Similarly, the web pages are designed using a WYSIWYG program, just like Visual Studio's interface builder. So any application used to the Microsoft's tools should be fairly suited to use Morfik without a two year-long course!

How does this Morfik advent leaves me? Well, I was planning to do something similar for my PhD, so now I must find out exactly what they plan to do, so my work won't clash with theirs. For instance, I'd like to know how do they split the computations between the client and the server - I'd like to give some adaptability to the server.

To add up, Morfik have a pioneers program, but they haven't released any usable version of the program for us to test it (not even demo-ware...). I'll just wait for further news on their site:

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New directions, new homepage

I've just reviewed my homepages, and it took me a while to get them
presentable... So here's my status, online-wise:

- I have - this is my personal website,
with access to photo albums, preferences and other non-interesting stuff :)
- My work homepage is - it has a set of projects I'm working on, and my professional information (like my resume)
- This site (last, but not least) will be my communication point, unless Yahoo releases a great API to post messages to it's blog. So, for now on, my PhD discoveries, researches and interesting notes will be posted here, for the world to see. Ocasionally one or other photo will invade this space, but I promise I won't have the motivation to do so (nor the time!)

So, on my next post, I promise to write about remote interfaces, my last research subject for the past weeks.