Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New directions, new homepage

I've just reviewed my homepages, and it took me a while to get them
presentable... So here's my status, online-wise:

- I have http://360.yahoo.com/edy_in_carpathia - this is my personal website,
with access to photo albums, preferences and other non-interesting stuff :)
- My work homepage is http://edgargoncalves.no-ip.org - it has a set of projects I'm working on, and my professional information (like my resume)
- This site (last, but not least) will be my communication point, unless Yahoo releases a great API to post messages to it's blog. So, for now on, my PhD discoveries, researches and interesting notes will be posted here, for the world to see. Ocasionally one or other photo will invade this space, but I promise I won't have the motivation to do so (nor the time!)

So, on my next post, I promise to write about remote interfaces, my last research subject for the past weeks.