Thursday, September 21, 2006

Here is a summary of the activities I fullfilled i...

Here is a summary of the activities I fullfilled in my PhD, during this year:

  • Curricular Courses: I have completed the curricular component of my PhD, with the following courses:
    • Formal Software Development: Based on the B-Method, this course was about the development methodologies with the help of formal specifications;
    • Advanced Topics: I studied the Desktop applications interfaces development tools, their types and characteristics. I also read Jenifer Tidwell's "Designing Interfaces" book.
  • Research:
    • I made a study on remote desktop interactions, where I calculated the required ammount of network bandwidth to enable common user interactions to be executed in remote applications, such as mouse moves and clicks, or key presses. The conclusions were satisfatory, as today it is possible to enable complex interactions over the web, even if they are mapped as a set of basic - and non-optimized - operations.
    • I analised several tools that help the development of Rich Internet Applications (or RIAs).